Custom sponsor packages at the wave of a wand

SponsorMagic segments offer you several things you can’t get from traditional advertising. One of them is customized content that is scripted into the entertainment. The show’s writers work directly with you to create messaging that engages the audience and aligns with your brand strategy. And you get a fresh, new segment for every show. Poof, no more messaging fatigue! You can even have a segment produced on location, bringing the show to you and presenting your story through a video tour of your company. Segments can be packaged in 60-second spots, 120-second spots, or you can create a custom bundled segment package—sponsor the whole show if you’d like. We are flexible to make custom contracts for each sponsor’s need.

Pre-Broadcast Charter Rates

Charter sponsors can lock in at pre-broadcast rates, even after the show airs and rates go up. Because eventually they will go up. Custom bundles available for negotiation. Discount rates available for sponsoring a whole show.

60-Second Segment

$105,000 includes two bumpers

120-second segment

$200,000 includes four bumpers + opening & closing billboards

Our SponsorMagic Guarantee


If TV viewership is below 1 million, we will make time on the next show to promote your product at no additional cost.


You get exclusivity, so no competing products will be promoted on the show while you are a sponsor.


Charter sponsors can lock in at pre-broadcast rates.

15 Reasons why SponsorMagic is the Right Investment for Your Brand

1. People will like your brand and trust your brand because you’re not interrupting them with advertising.

2. People won’t skip over your message because it is embedded into the program.

3. People will remember your brand message because they experience it as part of the entertainment.

4. Your message never gets stale because it’s new every week.

5. Your brand is tied to the mission of bringing the generations together to counter balance the conflict and negativity on other TV programs.

6. Your brand is associated with the good feelings generated by uplifting family entertainment.

7. Your message will be seen by the two largest demographic groups with money to spend: Boomers and Millennials.

8. Your sponsored content from the TV show is integrated with digital and traditional media to expand your reach.

9. Award-winning entertainment creatives will work directly with you to create custom sponsored content that engages your audience.

10. The production team will come to you location where you can tell your brand story and take viewers on a video tour of your company.

11. You get EXCLUSIVITY rights, so no competitive products will be promoted on the show while you are a sponsor.

12. Your brand becomes part of the show’s higher purpose: to make a difference for U.S. Military Veterans through support of Tee It Up for the Troops.

13. You don’t have to spend $300,000 of your marketing budget to produce a TV commercial.

14. You are GUARANTEED to reach at least 1 million TV viewers.

15. Right now you can lock in to the pre-broadcast rates before they go up.


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