A breakthrough approach to branding

that drives long-term growth and cuts ad costs!

Business Challenge

Most business execs share similar pain points. What keeps them awake at night are nagging questions like:

  • How can I drive more growth to my organization?
  • How can I create greater demand to feed our sales pipeline?
  • How can I impact the customer’s propensity to buy from us vs. our competitors?
  • How can I hold down our advertising costs?

The Solution

SponsorMagic! We integrate branded entertainment on TV with targeted digital marketing and traditional marketing channels to deliver sales growth and cost containment. SponsorMagic segments, which are seamlessly scripted into the television program, develop brand awareness and interest in ways traditional TV advertising can’t. Today’s TV viewers are immune to ad pitches that only hawk product features and functions. Brands need to communicate deeper value to capture their attention. SponsorMagic is a new way to do that.

SponsorMagic Feeds Your Sales Pipeline













Nurture Leads with Digital Marketing

Plug into our digital marketing channels to lead prospective customers through the decision process. Our digital production team will create and implement co-branded website content, and co-branded social posts and paid boosts that are tailored to each platform — and to your marketing strategy. You have opportunities to amplify your reach and impact on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

Social Media

Influencer Marketing

Website & Mobile

Influencers Put Quality Leads into the Pipeline

As part of the digital integration, you can also incorporate a targeted influencer marketing campaign to build trust and credibility for your brand as people move through your sales pipeline. We are partnering with YouTube influencer network Broadband TV, which has a monthly worldwide reach of 9 billion views. But the big benefit to you is targeted reach. Targeted influencer campaigns add quality leads to your pipeline, which improves your marketing ROI. Plus, the content shared by influencers has 3-10 times higher conversion rates than other digital content. Our digital production team works with you to target influencers that are a good strategic fit between your brand and the influencers’ audience. Then we help influencers create organic branded content that makes an authentic connection with their audience.

SponsorMagic Influencers Give You

• Trust and credibility

• Authentic advocacy

• Cost effective impressions

• Quality leads

• 3x-10x higher conversion rates

• Higher marketing ROI

• Targeted reach

National Advertising Exposure for a Fraction of the Cost

National TV advertising is expensive. The average cost of producing a 30-second commercial is $344,000. In some cases it’s a lot more. Factor in the high production mark-ups and the convoluted bidding processes some ad agencies use to inflate prices, and your marketing ROI really takes a hit.

Presto! Production Costs Disappear

What if you could cut out the cost of producing an ad entirely? And what if you could also run a fresh, new ad every week? It sounds fantastic, but that’s exactly what you get with SponsorMagic segments on The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour. Every brand segment is written and produced by the show’s production team. And every week they create a new brand segment that is scripted into the entertainment.

That means you don’t have to pay an agency big bucks to produce a commercial

Essentially you get the national TV exposure of advertising at the cost of the media buy alone. But it’s better than advertising … it’s SponsorMagic!


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